29 October 2013

Lily, What's You Favorite Animal?

Ummm. Meee-beeee peacock. 

Who would have guess the girl that yells for her monkey pjs would say a peacock is her favorite animal?! Silly girl, that one :)

16 October 2013


Just an early morning playing outside. Tali and I are having fun observing the behavior of the natives. 

I Spy

With my little eye...a monkey (or two)

Ever since learning how to climb trees they can't seem to stop!

15 October 2013

Oh, Kaylee

I had to adjust her car seat straps because she couldn't fit in with her normal settings because her outfit was so big! That's kaylee for ya- a beautiful dress with a tu-tu underneath to give the full effect of extravagance. 

It's not every day that she dresses like this, but it also isn't that rare. :)

Been A Long Time

Much has happened since July. I hope I can catch you all up to speed sooner than later. I'll give you some highlights until I can fill in the gaps later with pictures:
1. Greg finished Law School!!!!
2. We had a party to celebrate
3. Tali has been trying to crawl since August. 
4. Tali got a little late start but she is sitting now
5. Our house got major water damage (a week after the graduation party)
6. I escaped for a weekend in Chicago
7. I remembered I enjoyed a good cranberry vodka
8. The girls are amazing sisters

8 quick points should do it for now. :$

09 July 2013

Bubbles and Pockets

The girls and I played outside the other day before it got too too hot and enjoyed blowing bubbles in the breeze. All three took off once bubbles were blown trying to pop them all...no bubble is safe around them :)
If you you've the big girls and their dresses- there are very large pockets on the sides. Each I those pockets can hold 10 My little Ponies. Yes, 10. I am sure they could fit more but I had to stop them from stuffing any more in because their dresses were being weighed down so much the dress' neckline was practically to ther belly button...not so appropriate. :) Alex couldn't part with too many of her ponies so I put a shirt on underneath her dress...no flashing allowed! :)

My Hipster

Big Enough

This little sprout is already eating solid foods! How'd that happen?!

4th of July

The family headed out to a parade in fairfax city for the morning. On our way we picked up some Starbucks for myself and our friend Miss Maura. The service was painfully slow but we still managed to get decent parking and an okay viewing point. 
We met up with Miss Maura, daddy's friend from work, and saw her daughter getting ready to cheer in the parade. It was fun seeing all the girls with beautiful silver Pom Poms!
We got to our viewing spot and got to see large balloons, horses, fire trucks, dancers and more! We even got American Flags to wave around- so fun! Alex tried to give a tiger a high-five but she was just out of sight. 
Mommy picked up some awesome Popsicles for us to enjoy in the heat. Such a fun day! 
We finished the day with a big nap and relaxing afternoon at home. We can't wait for another parade! 

Just A Look

Just sporting a look...she had been wearing the headband on her forehead like she was straight out of an aerobics video. 

Alex and Tali

One of Alex's favorite things to do, cuddle Natalia, just got better. Tali can almost, sorta sit up while being supported. 

20 May 2013

Happy Last First Day of School

Baby is excited! Spring exams are just over and Summer session is upon him. Daddy's last first day of school is today! We never thought this day would come back in 2010 when we were mere infants, but here it is :)
We are all excited about the countdown beginning but we also are aware this is still school time and Daddy has lots of work to do.
Once all the work is done we will have a party! We helped mom make cupcakes to celebrate the end of Spring Exams...that was fun. We are guessing the end of school will be even more fun!!!!

Good luck daddy! We love you!

26 April 2013

Good Luck Daddy

We are really excited that this is your FINAL Spring Semester and it is coming to an end! Exam one is today and while we are so happy and excited for you....these 'Buddy's' of mine (aka. Ants) are really cool!

So since we don't really understand the things you are studying, even though you try as read us things from your books, we will go back to what e know and understand...."buddy's"!

We love you daddy and we can't wait to see you and give you big hugs and kisses (as long as your beard doesn't hurt) :)

And We Are Off

Maybe without the copious amount of cleaning facing me each day ill be able to blog a little more this week. Much has happened this month and since Tali was born and I'd like to catch up on it.

So while I'm away from the house for a little while I'll keep my phone or iPad nearby for blogging. We will catch up soon

02 April 2013

Run Out Of Room

I'm not sure we need another choo choo wagon but I did have to talk Alex out of her wagon so Tali could ride. Sorry Alex!

19 March 2013

We Didn't Bike

We went to Sweet Frog, but we didn't bike there.

15 March 2013

Living The Hard Life

She acts as though she's got such a head job being a baby...

I Drew That!

My happy little girl and her happy face :)

Sisterly Love

Alex especially can't get enough of Tali! It is so sweet and wonderful. Alex holds her so lovingly and carefully. Kaylee likes to hold Tali and makes it known if she doesn't get to have as much time with her as Alex. And Liliana wants to be like her sisters and love on Tali too- we allow lily to 'hold' Tali and in general she does a great job. We are still perfecting "gentle hands".

24 February 2013

We Had A Baby!

Our sweet little girl was born:
Natalia Wren
February 19th
2:23 pm
6 pounds
19.5 inches

As many know we were expecting her arrival on February 28th but sweet girls had a plan of her own. At my 34 week appointment I had a scheduled sonogram just as a standard procedure. During that appointment the sonographer noticed Natalia's head was a little small. So after talking to my doctor I was placed in the 'high risk' category, and my doctor told me to be ready for her at any time...well that appointment went differently than planned.
So what does 'high risk' mean? Well in my case, take it easy and come in each week for a sonogram to check for growth, vitals, and fluid check.
To be continued